Wondering What to Do Next?

Retiring from active duty is a deeply emotional process for most Service Members. As a Military Retiree myself, I know firsthand the emotional surprises that hit me not only on the day of my retirement, but in the following weeks and months that, quite frankly, I was not fully prepared for.

Because Resilient Asset Management specializes in financial planning and portfolio management specifically for Military Service Members and Veterans, we know the challenges you’re facing (or are about to face) and we want to help.

Whether you’re planning to stay retired, start a new business, or find a new job for your “second career,” we can help you plan for the financial changes you’re experiencing AND offer the supportive camaraderie you need as you navigate these new adjustments.

We’ve written quite a bit about these topics, so please browse the blog posts below that might help you process what you’re experiencing and give you food for thought about this next chapter of life.

If you’re struggling with the next steps regarding your transition from active duty to retirement, please give us a call. We can help you implement the financial strategies you need and provide custom guidance about your next steps. After all, we’ve been there, and we’re excited to help you find success.

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