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Resilient Asset Management is a fee-only financial planning firm. We provide customized all-aspect financial advice centered on Estate Planning, Tax, Risk Management, Cash Flow, and Investments. Having worked with military service members who are based all over the world, we excel at helping our clients virtually. Each client is unique and our ethos is to build long-lasting relationships, complete with personalized service and attention.

Experienced Leadership: Christopher Flis CFP®

After a 20-year Navy career, Chris formed Resilient Asset Management. Spurred by a lecture in high school, after which he started managing all of his own investments, his passion for all things personal finance has spanned decades. He started Resilient Asset Management with a mission dedicated to helping others achieve financial security through all-aspect financial planning and investment management. Along with his own journey through the military retirement gamut, he has helped our clients navigate the process–both those who decide to enter full retirement and those who opt to enter a second career.

Beyond his military service, Chris has participated in numerous private business ventures. He is a part-owner of his family's Burger King Franchise, which includes both operational and real estate interests. The business has grown significantly since 1979 and includes a number of commercial real estate properties, giving Chris significant experience in this arena.



We’ve adopted the highest legal standard of care, choosing to act as an unwavering fiduciary in the best and exclusive interest of our clients.


Fee Only

As a fee-only advisor with a transparent fee structure, we do not sell any products and are compensated solely for the advice we provide.



We are free to structure our business in the way that best serves our clients, not constrained by the whims of a Wall Street bank

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