Why I Became A Financial Advisor

Christopher D. Flis |

It is no great mystery that how you handle your financial affairs has a gigantic influence on you and your family’s lives. That’s why, way before I even considered becoming a professional financial planner, I strived to learn the ins and outs of my own family’s finances. I quickly realized I enjoyed this piece of my life so much that when it came time to retire from the Navy, I took the leap and became a financial planner. Because of this choice, I enjoy the ultimate privilege of combining my excitement for financial planning with my passion for making a difference in others’ lives! 

First Things First

My first career was as a Navy pilot. I graduated from the United States Naval Academy and immediately began graduate studies at the University of Minnesota, earning a Master of Science in Computer Science. Shortly after, I headed to flight school in Pensacola, FL, and spent 20 fulfilling years as an F/A-18 Strike Fighter Pilot, with tours in Japan and Australia and combat missions in all areas of the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

While I was in the Navy, I had a habit of getting up early in the morning to take care of household duties, mostly financial in nature. I was self-taught about everything from estate settling and taxes to investments, business operations, and real estate. In preparation for leaving the military, I bolstered my personal experience with formal academic coursework. Ultimately, I earned the Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®) designation. This two-pronged preparation approach has been invaluable in my service to my Clients.  Not only do I have formal training in the areas causing my Clients financial angst, in most cases, I have actually been through the exact same challenges in my own life. Military Transition and Retirement are two prime examples. 

What I Do Now

Now, all these years later, I am president and founder of Resilient Asset Management, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. I spend my days helping my Clients develop customized financial plans through a relationship-based process. Among other benefits, my Clients stay organized and typically don’t stress about their financial affairs. Because of my background in the military and as a part-owner of a 42-year-old family business, I specialize in serving business owners, senior military members, and those nearing active-duty retirement. My Clients come to appreciate how I work alongside them as they navigate life transitions, so they can focus on what they love. 

The Best Part

My grandfather told me at a young age, “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Resilient Asset Management is the embodiment of that statement. What it comes down to is this: My Clients’ successes are my successes. I started this career with no income and no clients and feel so blessed that I now have a thriving business where I get to serve others and do what I love. There’s just nothing more fulfilling than hearing a Client tell me that they can live their life with much fewer worries because they know I’m keeping an eye on their financial situation. 

If you want to experience that freedom as well, I’d love to meet you, get to know you, and hear about your goals, your concerns, and the opportunities and challenges you face in your financial life. Schedule a 30-minute introductory meeting or contact us at chris@resilientam.com or (901) 318-3423 to get started!

About Christopher    

Christopher Flis is founder and financial planner at Resilient Asset Management, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Tennessee. Chris graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, and attended flight school in Pensacola, FL, launching a fulfilling and distinguished military career. Chris spent 20 years in the Navy as an F/A-18 Strike Fighter Pilot, which included tours in Japan, Australia, and California, combat missions in all areas of the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, and time spent as the Executive Officer of Naval Base Guam and Director of Navy Casualty in Millington, TN. When Christopher was ready to make a career change, he turned to a passion he held since high school when he attended a lecture on personal finance and started managing his own investments. He earned his Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®) designation and now combines his passions and experience by serving military, retired military, business owners, and retirees. Chris provides comprehensive, customized financial services, helping his clients overcome their challenges and take opportunities so they can achieve financial independence. 

Chris lives in Downtown Memphis with his wife, Christine, and his son, Emerson. He is an avid runner and when he is not jogging for exercise, he is usually chasing his son around or walking his 3 dogs. To learn more about Chris, connect with him on LinkedIn.